Graham Collins

Graham started running in 2012 after being inspired by friends running the first Basingstoke Half Marathon in 2011. He then reached a point where he didn’t know how to improve his training and race times. There would be times where he would spend longer researching interesting training sessions on the web than he actually spent running!

That was when decided to join Hatch Warren Runners 2013, within the first year of the club being formed and was charmed by the friendliness of everyone he met. He says it was simply one of the best decisions he has made and with the support of HWR, his race times have exceeded his expectations. It has taken him on to new levels in completing 6 marathons and taking part great events such as Endure 24.

The support of an HWR club run, especially on cold, rainy winter nights, is what gets him out and keeps Graham running.

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