Our Team

Mark & Danielle Butler ( Chairman/Treasurer & Club Secretary/DBS Verifier )

Mark and Danielle Butler are the co-founders of Hatch Warren Runners. Danielle first got into running when she became a mother. She used to run on the treadmill during her daughters nap times, and then quickly grew a love for road running! She ran regularly to keep fit and to keep her sane when the kids were very young! In 2010 Danielle decided to challenge herself and ran her first ever half marathon, Reading. Since then she’s run many other half marathons and is pictured here (with Mark) completing her first full marathon in Amsterdam in November 2014. Knowing how much of a positive impact running has had on her life she’s now keen to encourage others to get out and run. Mark was a keen runner at an early age, running for both Basingstoke and Hampshire during his senior school education. Mark started running again more recently with his wife Danielle to run the Basingstoke half Marathon in 2011 for charity. Since then Mark has run many half marathons and he completed his first full marathon in Manchester in April 2014, Mark now really enjoys running with others and pushing them to achieve their PB’s and goals.

Helen Brooker ( Coaching Co-ordinator )

Helen has run for as long as she can remember, with a family who encouraged her to join them on the track as soon as she could walk. Throughout her childhood and until her late 20’s she was a keen sprinter, running 100m, 200m and 100m hurdles for first Newbury AC and then Basingstoke and Mid Hants AC. After her first child was born in 2003 she decided to try her hand at longer runs and started out, as many women do, with a 5k Race for Life.

Helen has now completed numerous half marathons, and is one of our Leaders in Running Fitness. Her background means she specialises in improving running technique, developing training plans, as well as leading our ‘Sunday Loopers’ group who are big fans of cake and, of course, running.

Helen says “Running has brought me so much throughout my life, great friends and fitness. Above all running is the best therapy anyone could have; it’s definitely the best cure for stress I have found. HWR has given chance to not only improve my own running, have fun but also share the enthusiasm I have for running”

Nik Bryan ( Running Advisor/Coaching Support )

In 1997 I watched a marathon on tv and decided to see what all the fuss was about. I started training and dieting hard and ran in a marathon the following year. Training went OK but was not as good as it could be, so I subsequently qualified as a Personal Trainer and Sports Therapist in order to learn how to do it properly, and, more importantly, help others avoid the problems and issues I had. Since then I have led running groups and training sessions for a well-established running club on the south coast, and held outdoor ‘military style’ fitness courses.

My wife and I joined Hatch Warren Runners about 6 months after it was founded having tried other clubs in the area. The overwhelming and infectious enthusiasm and boundless energy displayed by all the members (and the fact that their meeting place was a pub!) made HWR the best club for us. And it still is.

Sharon Bryan ( HWR Race Secretary )

Having had about 8 months off from regular running and moving house twice, my husband and I have recently discovered Hatch Warren Runners. I can honestly say that my enthusiasm has been totally rekindled by the friendly and welcoming attitude of all the members we have come across and I am really looking forward to joining other Hatch Warren Runners for training sessions culminating in each individual’s own personal goal – 5k, 10k, 13.1m, 20m, 26.2m – whatever the distance, the camaraderie enjoyed by us ‘club’ runners, in my view simply can’t be beaten!.

Sarah Smith ( PR and Communciations )

After watching the runners pass my house at Basingstoke Half Marathon in 2011 I decided I wanted to have a go. So in April 2012 I signed up for a half marathon not having run since I was at school.  I persuaded my brother to join me and our haphazard, panicked training began.  We got to Parkrun, then we managed a 10k in Swallowfield and finally the Basingstoke Half Marathon. My brother then got a place in London Marathon so I continued to train a little with him. When running alone I was a typical “headphones in” sort of girl often running with my dog Maggie. Then in August 2013 I joined Hatch Warren Runners and my whole approach to running changed. I began to really, really love it. I made lots of friends, competed in lots of events and despite saying to Mark when I joined “I don’t want to run further or faster than I already do”, I have done both.

On the committee I look after our communications and public relations and help manage our public profile. It’s basically what I do for a career but for the club. I like a good natter and never run so fast, or with so much effort that I can’t chat. Guess that’s what makes a good communicator (but not a brilliant runner)!

Deano Hughes ( Social Secretary )

Dean was only an occasional runner until joining HWR in December 2013. He now regularly competes in races up to Half Marathon distance. In May 2015, he ran his first full Marathon in Edinburgh. Regularly leading groups and individual training sessions; Dean was invited onto the club committee in 2014 as Social Secretary. He states, “I am extremely proud to be actively involved with such a fantastic running club. Improving my own running ability and helping others progress are my ultimate goals. The club caters for all abilities and there will always be someone available to help you with all aspects of running and general fitness”.

Simon Brown ( HWR Race Director )

Simon Brown first got into running when ‘encouraged’ to enter the 2011 London Marathon for Macmillan Cancer Support. With no previous serious running experience, he embarked on the long journey to fitness which culminated in the completion of his first ever marathon. Since joining HWR in the early days, there has been no stopping him, and now with dozens of half marathons and 3 marathons (with 2015 VLM to come) under his belt he has never looked back. An enthusiastic and vibrant member of the team, Simon completed his Leadership in running fitness course last year and regularly assists with club runs, training sessions and club nights out especially! With a passion for mud and freezing water, Simon can often be found knee deep in muck in the winter months. Famed for ‘dropping the Hammer’ (even on club runs), Simon is a very approachable and valued member of the team.

Sue Kemp ( Female Welfare Officer and Onboarding )

After a long winter going to the gym and trying to lose weight in April 2013 I decided enough was enough. I needed to get out and try exercise in the fresh air. So this started with very early mornings and trying to build up my running. The early starts where so no one would see me and laugh, although I soon realised people were too busy getting on with their lives to notice. So after a couple of months I could just about manage 5k so took myself off to my first park run in July where I clocked a time of 39 minutes. At this point I wanted to achieve more but was not sure how to go about it. This all changed at my second park run where HWR were having one of their C25K graduations. So after feeling very ‘billy no mates’ and seeing all these people in blue and yellow supporting each other I contacted HWR and turned up the following Monday for my first club run. Life hasn’t been the same since. I have now run three 10K races, my first 10 mile race and have two half marathons and numerous other races in 2015. All this would not have been possible without the support of my fellow Hatchies. I am particularly interested in supporting the slower runners like myself in the group and working and encouraging people to have a go and aim higher, you will surprise yourself at what you can achieve. I know I have surprised myself. In fact, I have to pinch myself to make sure I am not dreaming. You will also have the support of the most amazing bunch of people all with different skills, abilities and knowledge to help you on your journey… good luck

Jay Smith ( Male Welfare Office and Onboarding )

I joined Hatch Warren runners in 2013 when I was just about able to run 5k. Within the last 2 years I have now lost count of the amount of 5k races I have managed to run, I have various 10k and 10 mile races to my name, 10+ half marathons to add to the collection and not forgetting my love for mud obstacle runs, I’m often in a bog or puddle wondering why I’m doing this.
I have also been lucky enough to gain my leadership in running and fitness thanks to the club, this has influenced my own running and allowed me to go on to help lead successful couch to 5k courses, and two 5-10k courses, combining over 70 runners graduating the courses. I joined the committee in June 2015 and enjoy being involved in the overall process of the club and its organisation, hopefully I bring something different to the table.

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