Nicola Lawrence

Nicola joined the club in June 2013 and previous to this had done the odd 5K, Grim challenge and a Great South. She would definitely describe herself as not a natural runner and was usually much more at home running round a netball court! Since joining the club she has done around 10 half marathons, a couple more Great South’s, 2 Marathons and the 24 hour relay Endure 24 5 years in a row. Vowing after each one that she will never do it again……. I guess they’re like childbirth……….

“Through the club I’ve met many amazing inspirational people who are now lifelong friends. I would never have believed I could do half the stuff I’ve done without the support of the club, I certainly wouldn’t be getting up in the wind and rain to go for a run on my own, being part of the club makes you go even when you don’t feel like it!”

Nicola joined the committee in 2018 as Social Secretary due to her love of gin.

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