Tom Hartgill

Tom started running back in 2008 as a way of getting fit, mainly running on the treadmill in the gym. He then began running with a small group of neighbours where he started to appreciate the social benefits of running with others. This small group of neighbours eventually became the Hatch Warren Runners and the rest is history! Become a ‘runner’ has done wonders for Tom’s physical and mental health, and he copes to continue for many years to come.

Over the last 15 years Tom has completed many races across a variety of distances and has completed 6 marathons (so far!). More importantly, Tom has met some amazing people and made a number of great friends along the way. Tom’s personal achievements are way beyond what he thought he would be capable of, and he continues to set new targets to keep pushing himself on. However, the opportunity to help others is just as satisfying to Tom, and some of his favourite running memories are where he’s helped friends in the club to achieve their personal goals.

Tom said “what I love most about the club is the spirit of inclusivity. We have members from right across the pace spectrum and everyone is supportive of each other in achieving their own personal best. Whether it is at a large event, or our weekly track session, everyone supports each other, there is no judgement or elitism – just a genuine sense of togetherness”

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