Verena Hutcheson

Verena (Vee) joined Hatch Warren Runners in autumn 2017 after having run for a few months over the spring/summer and realising that, as the nights got darker, evening running was much safer in numbers! Plus realising that running in numbers is far, far more motivating and rewarding than going out alone!

Since joining HWR she has completed 10k, 10 mile races and half marathons and is looking to progress and train towards further distances in the near future.

Vee says “For me, being part of the club is all about having company on runs, training to be fitter and stronger and looking for that next ‘mini goal’ whether that’s an additional run a week; a regular morning track session; a faster parkrun time or striving for a distance that I’ve never achieved before. The club has enabled me to achieve running goals I’d never have thought were possible and I am so thankful that I signed up to be part of it. Now I’m hoping to support with moving the club forward as part of the HWR Committee team.”

Vee writes The Rabbiter article for HWR each month, does the mini Hatchie parkrun report each week and is looking forward to new PR projects and supporting new club members when they on-board with clublife at HWR.

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